Melanie has over 13 years of experience as a Funeral Celebrant. She loves people and is honoured to walk with families in their time of need.                                      

We at Forrest Funeral Services Hibiscus Coast could not recommend Melanie highly enough. Melanie is professional, compassionate and courteous, has a very high standard of personal presentation and treats everyone she meets with the utmost respect and dignity. She has a vibrant yet down to earth personality and also a great sense of ceremony and solemnity. These aspects of her character combined with a fantastic sense of humour mean that she can seamlessly intertwine formality, sobriety and light-heartedness into her services as appropriate. She deals well with people of any age, from all cultures, religious backgrounds and walks of life and has a wonderful ability to set people at ease when they are under stress. She is also adept at handling demanding and/or delicate situations with care and professionalism.

Behind the scenes Melanie is efficient, organised and communicative making her very easy to deal with from the Funeral Director's point of view. She is open to feedback, adapts well and is appreciative of insights into the dynamics of potential client families before meeting with them. - Leanne Little - Manager and James Dunn - Funeral Director at Forrest Funeral Services, Hibiscus Coast.